Grademiner reviews

Grademiner reviews

Also, this service charges hidden fees. Many students complain about that.

How good is this service overall?

When you choose to use the services at, you will find a full list of options that are available. A complete list can be seen when an order is being placed. Here are some of the great academic services that are being enjoyed by current users:

Grademiners plagiarism

“ I ended up paying more than what was disclosed on the price chart” is a common complain about GradeMiners prices. The problem is that when the customers ask for a refund on the extra sum, they don’t get a response. That’s a big problem, and it’s a shame, since the prices seem pretty affordable at first.

One of the benefits is the offering of free tools that can be used to help you become a better writer and create your papers from scratch. At Grademiners, you will find free papers that can be used to get ideas and develop structure, free citation and title page generators, a plagiarism checker, and a basic grammar and spell checker.

Grademiners is an online writing service that has some questionable reviews. Since the site has been operating, users have reported sub-standard quality. While papers may meet the needs of high school students, they are not recommended for any academic levels above that. The lower quality makes us question whether this site is a good choice.

If you try to eliminate all dissertation-related options from the services list, you will be left with a bit more than a dozen choices. Dissertation chapters take half of the list and make it seem longer than it actually is, but they can be considered two separate services: a full dissertation and a dissertation chapter.

With all those warning signs, I wouldn’t say it’s the safest service around.

I see no sense in using this service again, I know much more reliable and safe platforms that offer academic assistance and don’t promise to do papers just in an hour because it is simply impossible.

Our review encompasses all aspects of the service. This was a heavily requested evaluation, since many of our visitors were interested to try this website. We also received many comments with experience from real users, so we can sum up all those GradeMiners reviews into a detailed article.

Services Review

When I started the research for my review, I was happy to see that the company guarantees to assign experts. It also guarantees direct writer contact. In my case, both points were missed. My writer was far from an expert, and she didn’t respond to any of my messages.

Getting a discount for the first order

Whenever you open the website, there are over 900 writers available. This means that Grade Miners is a company with thousands of writers and many customers. In most cases, this creates the immediate impression that the company is highly popular and widely recognized, since why else would they need so many writers at all times?

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Prices will be based on multiple factors, coding deadlines, number of pages, academic level, and added features. If you are placing your very first order at Grademiners, there is a special offer of 15% off. This can lower the cost some, but overall, the prices are rather high for the quality that is offered. Luckily, there is a price calculator offered when an order is being created. This will allow you to see exactly how much you will have to pay upon completion.

If you want to get a perfect essay on the first try, you will not like this service. The quality of paper writing is average at Grademiners. Even when ordering the simplest essay, you may need to ask your writer to do a couple of revisions until the paper looks good enough. In the end, students get what they need, but in some cases, the deadline is violated because the writer has to make any corrections. On average, it would be safer to order minor papers from Grademiners not to get in trouble for mistakes. The situation may get worse with complex papers. When ordering a complex assignment paper, be prepared to ask for more revisions considering the content as well as the formatting of the writing. With this website, students sometimes get a different paper from what they ordered. You always need to check whether the paper corresponds to your requirements and to make corrections before the deadline. Ordering a dissertation or thesis can be even more painful with this service. So, you should prepare to check your orders carefully. Or, you may choose another service to order a complex paper from. Unfortunately, the quality of Grademiners leaves much to be desired. The writers can manage a one-page essay, but they are not good with more complex orders. Though the website offers a wide range of student assignments, you cannot rely on writers with your term paper or thesis.

In most cases because here, this does not seem to be the actual situation. Ever since I read many complaints from customers outside this site and compared them to the all-great comments on it, I started doubting that this may be a trick, not an actual number. To check things and confirm our theory, I went on and did this research for the Grademiners review.

The Work I Got

For my paper, I set the deadline to 3 days. The writer missed it by an entire day. I deserved a full refund because of the bad quality, but I didn’t even get a partial one to cover the difference between deadline and delivery. Review

The rest make for a limited choice of academic help services. This does not make GradeMiners a bad company, but limits the number of students who can use it. Those who need to order many papers because of lack of time or writing skills would probably look for another company, because you will only find the most popular papers like essays and research papers here, nothing more specific.

If you’re looking for essay writing help, you’re in the right place: Grademiners is a company that helps students meet proficient writers to expand their knowledge. They deal with a range of services of different difficulties, so every customer can rely on this company. However, this review can help you understand whether this essay assistance company is good for you and your needs.

In addition to the standard services that can be used at, there are some advanced features that can also be accessed. Some of these will be offered at no charge, while others will have a fee attached. Some added features you can use include free papers, blog posts, citation generators, plagiarism checker, title page generator, grammar checks, and spell checks.

Another feature that can be unpleasant on Grademiners is its support service. When you need to ask why your paper has still not been sent or how you can place a revision, be prepared for a long conversation with the operators. Their online chat does not work fast on their website, so it is better to call them directly. Grademiners’ customer support is not the friendliest service. In some cases, operators just drop the line for no reason before your problem is resolved. The proficiency of the team also raises questions. You may get a person with a distinct Indian accent on the telephone, so it can be hard to understand his or her English. Sometimes, it can take a long time for you to explain what the problem is because some operators do not seem to understand English well. If you finally find a common language with Grademiners’ support service, you need to stay patient. This company does not like to lose its money, so they will find a million reasons not to give a refund or to charge an additional fee for a revision. And if you require many revisions, it can make your paper cost a small fortune. Sometimes, support operators openly tell that they cannot resolve your problem. Either you pay extra money or get your paper as it is. But, sometimes you may get lucky by bargaining. It seems that fixed prices do not matter much on this website.

I recently reviewed another writing service whose features really reminded me of the ones on, but when I saw the pricelist, I was sure – these websites belong to the same content provider. I know this because the pricelist is entirely the same, and the services offered do not differ a bit.

Site Overview

Read also a review about one of the best services Edubirdie Review. There are also mid-level services SuperiororPapers.

GradeMiners price list has good native english speakers and good support and they are alot cheaper. I Hope this helps.

For those who haven’t seen my previous review, the part Content Quality was very negative. The papers provided here, including the term paper I ordered from the website are of extremely low quality. There are various mistakes in the content, the sources are not all reliable or properly cited, and there were certain hidden costs that came when we filled the ordering form.

At Grademiners, you can request a refund as part of the guarantee policy in place. Refunds will only be issued under certain terms and there is a 14-day period for refunds for papers that are 20 pages or less. If you have ordered 20 or more pages, the refund will extend to 30 days. If an order is not completed, a full refund will be issued.

At Grademiners, you will enjoy legit services, though they may not be suitable for students at the college level. When you place an order, it will be fulfilled by one of the team writers. You are able to request revisions as stated, though the overall quality of the paper is not guaranteed. The site does not hide anything at all. All pricing is clearly displayed as are all revision and guarantee policies.

You can still choose not to finalize the order at this point, but the fact that there are many additional costs is unfair.

Grademiners looks like a nice website, with all policies sorted out.

At Grademiners, you can place an order for many types of papers and the service does deliver a finished product. With 10 years in the business, it claims to deliver 97% of all orders on time. The service uses more than 3,500 writers, but members will not have the ability to select a writer. Even if they have had success with a particular writer in the past, requests for a specific author will not be allowed.


There is a special page with reviews on their website, but frankly speaking, I don’t trust them. The majority of reviews there are not informative and simply say – Thanks or Great job! Even those with three stars. Strange, right?

grade miners review

Still, I was determined to deliver my grade miners review, so I ordered a paper here to see how the service works.

The majority of reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber were positive, although there were some negatives ones, saying that the service is a scam.

This is probably one more strategy that convinces the visitor that the prices are cheaper than they actually are. If you look into the more realistic deadline options, you’ll see that these prices aren’t at all cheap, but somewhat average when compared to the writing market.

One issue is customer support. When past users have contacted the team to request revisions or refunds, they have experienced negative support services. Some support members have threatened to report users to their academic institution and have refused refunds.

They start at only $14.03 per page, but pay attention: that’s the price for high-school quality, and it’s set for the deadline of 20 days. The highest quote per page, which is for PhD quality and a deadline of 1 hour, is $53.43.

I ordered a paper from this company and they completed on two of the questions i paid for. I requested a refund and they only offered 50%. When I asked why they lied and said I didn’t send the entire paper. Lies! If you got the first two why didn’t you get the other two that was attached and scanned together. Lies lies lies!

Before starting with my own review, I found several warnings about the company charging hidden fees and not providing refunds upon request.

Ordering Process

For this Grademiners review, I used the service from a customer’s point of view. Placing an order was easy. There are two problems:


I got an average paper that didn’t fully comply with my requirements. It wasn’t unique. I believe it was rewritten from a basic online source. I asked for a refund, but my request was denied. They said that because I downloaded the content, I have no right to a refund. Then I asked for a partial refund because I didn’t get my paper on time. This time, the team ignored me.

All other refunds will be based on review by the Grademiners team, who will inquire as to why a refund has been requested. The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for reviewing all requests. If approved, the QA term will determine the percentage of refund that will be offered.

Let’s talk about the price policy and deadlines in my review. Their minimum deadline really surprised me – it is just one hour. Guys, are you kidding? Can you write an academic paper in such a short period of time?

It is important to review the pros and cons of using this service before placing any orders. The writing service may not meet the needs of all students, so you need to know what to expect when ordering any type of paper. Take a look at the pros and cons here to see whether is a service that will provide benefits.

When evaluating writing services based on their reliability, we look at whether these companies actually deliver what they promise. For example, if a website promises excellent customer service, it better be good. Unfortunately, this is not the case for According to students’ reviews, its support operators are often unhelpful. Add the poor quality of writing to the mix, and you can say that the service fails to deliver on its promises. Therefore, we can’t call it reliable.

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