Writers.Essayshark.Com reviews

Writers.Essayshark.Com reviews

The percentage of negative and average reviews on EssayShark is bigger when compared to the positive reviews. Clients have called them out as having a bad reputation and low-quality writers.

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According to the statistics and basing on the numerous testimonials, the service has the highest rates of satisfaction, lowest prices in the academic writing market, security, confidentiality, and money back are also guaranteed. It offers such writing categories with the widest essay and paper assortment as case studies, coursework, cv writing, dissertation, essays and homework, personal statement, presentation writing, reports, research papers, review and speech and many other.

EssayShark Reliable

The comments about EssayShark on the internet vary: some say that they provide great samples, and others accuse this service of late delivery or lack of professionalism.

Only positive feedback and gratitude from customers are posted on the company’s website. However, on the forums, most reviews are very negative, whether they are from customers or employees. The service promises to complete unique papers before the deadline. However, in the end, we get D and E scores because the essay is poorly executed. Based on my experience and customer reviews, I do not recommend trusting EssayShark.com.

Some clients have reportedly been shocked when their orders were delivered because of a lack of uniqueness and quality.

There are a lot of great Essay Shark reviews on their websites. We can see that the customers review the website after getting a paper they are satisfied with. These reviews are everywhere on the website, so it’s clear that they are trying too hard to emphasize that they are really good.

EssayShark.com is an online writing service that is targeted at helping students with their academic papers. The first thing that we can see is that they have been around for almost a decade. What are they doing right that made them stick around this long?

Review of EssayShark.com Writing Process

There is also a plagiarism-free guarantee which is very important. Turning in a paper that is not original and contains some material copied from other sources without referencing them can lead to very unpleasant consequences. There are numerous plagiarism checkers you can use for free online and make sure the paper you’ve received is unique. Your writer will also prepare a flawless bibliography page for your paper and list all the sources mentioned in it.

Ordering Process - EssayShark

The direct communication with your writer is a great chance to save your time and make sure he or she understands all of the requirements. You can make updates and get an immediate feedback. Besides, when you choose an author yourself, you can check the background and look through some of his or her previous papers. There is no need in trusting someone to make this choice for you. It’s crucial for the writer you pick to have some knowledge on the topic of your paper. Otherwise, it will be difficult to craft a substantial paper within the limited amount of time.

As for the quality of service, it is of the same poor quality. I have been waiting for an answer for more than two hours, instead of the stated 6 minutes on average. The consultant talked to me without punctuation and is illiterate. It was happening quickly, but I was still surprised.

123help me website provides insufficient assistance. The assignments I addressed to were properly structured, and grammar was ok (at least the first part as I chose not to inspect them and not to rely on), but they were far from what I appreciate in academic writing.

Firstly, I haven’t found anywhere the exact sum of money I have to pay per page, it is only said that you can choose the writers with the most appealing prices on your own after registration. For me, as a current student, it was strange as my budget was quite limited and I wanted to check the price rate before actually placing an order. But, finally, I found a writer I thought I could have relied on…

We can see that a project is divided into 3 parts. When you hire a writer, you get the 1st and 2nd parts without making any payments, but they hold on to the 3rd part till you pay the total sum. They clearly state that if you are pleased with the 2 parts that have been released to you, that’s when you pay. After you have made payments, you can no longer cancel the order. Paying after you get a satisfactory paper seems like a really good deal, but if it is, what then are people complaining about?

If you look at the ratings of online writing companies, EssayShark always holds a high position. However, for me, the experience of working with the service was a disappointment. The company promises affordable prices, fast delivery and security for your data. However, customer reviews say the opposite: the price of services does not match the quality.

After you place an order, you must select a writer. You can still change the paper requirements by clicking “Change Order Information”. If the author is already assigned to the order, the requirements cannot be changed. Also, you cannot change critical information, such as paper type, text size, and deadline. If you made a mistake in the requirements, but have not yet selected an author, you need to place a new order.

How can I get more quality paper?

EVERYONE, don’t let these reps fool you. I have all the emails saved. They are clearly lying by accusing me then refusing to explain. Report Paypal
Essayshark/Bid4papers is a total SCAM! They banned my account for no reason in the MIDDLE of my essay after I paid for the first release. Their reason for ban was cancelling orders without paying for writers work. Through email I compelled them to check my records because I never cancelled an order like that. Then they said due to security reasons no details will be disclosed.

The Topic Suggestion Tool

The next part of this EssayShark review is their customer support. We can see that this writing service is an old one because it does not use a live chat customer support service. The only customer support that the website makes use of is an email address system. You’ll have to wait for a few hours to get a reply. That sucks!

Finally (and this is what I like the most), you can use a free plagiarism checker to make sure that your sample is 100% unique. On many writing services, I’ve seen the additional feature of a plagiarism report. But they make their customers pay for this guarantee of originality, while EssayShark provides students this service for free.

The first thing you are to do before placing an order is signing in. The registration form I had to fill in contained such criteria as a type of paper you want, its length and due date, but what if I only want to see what am I offered? The next step also contained numerous lines that had to be filled in, and I felt like I was at the interrogation while everything I wanted was having my 2-page essay done by a professional ASAP.

On the sample papers page, you’ll find 15 samples on various topics provided by the EssayShark writers. You can’t copy them, as they’re posted only for familiarizing the customers with the quality of the papers. You can find other free samples and writing guides on the EssayShark blog, which is, by the way, also really cool.

We advise that you save yourself all the stress and check out a writing service with writers from your country aware of the proper writing standards. If you want to work with this writing service, you should do so at your own discretion and risk.

The service looks very similar to Bid4papers.com. Therefore, the form for filling out the order and payment is identical to that service. You must specify the type of essay, the number of pages and the deadline, as well as leave your email address for communication. However, I would like buyers to have the opportunity to choose a different communication channel. Indication of my email address makes me feel subordinate.

Advantages of the Service

EssayShark.com Verdict

Hi there! I am Mark. As being a part of RankMyService team my job is to provide you with qualified reviews of different writing services. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and only a few of them are certainly the ones you are looking for! My experience as an editor gave me a great ability to inspect and catch all the tiny errors and oversights and this is my weapon against wrong grammar, misspelling, logical issues, etc. Every paper should be written in a proper way! So just keep calm and let me find out whether it is a great writing service or you should pick another one.

With the flowing service, you are welcome to get your paper written starting at $7.50 per page despite academic level and complexity, urgency, etc. of the order. In this case, you will have a good chance of saving your money for relaxation and fun. Fair and clear politics and fund management. The prices are flexible and you are free to choose the option that fits your expectations and needs the most.

EssayShark.com promises too much, but you should not rely on its guarantees. I have collected significant company guarantees, ranging from 24/7 free support to the privacy policy.

My expectations from this service did not materialize. You do not even get decent service and a money-back guarantee, which is the basis of cooperation. If you are a student on a budget, I recommend avoiding this service. I say no to EssayShark.com and do not recommend it to anyone.

EssayShark.com guarantees the confidentiality and protection of your data. However, the network has loads of reviews about information leakage. Some customers report attacks on their bank account after placing an order. Also, I’m not sure that the site hides the names of its customers from strangers.

From our research, we have concluded that this writing service definitely has some flaws. However, this does not mean that EssayShark.com is a scam. The issue of the writers being non-native English speakers is a very serious one.

This is perhaps the most interesting and appealing service on the net for students you have ever seen. The huge and perhaps the major advantage of the service is its simplicity and easiness of use which will be clear even for the dummy. Attachment to the popular social networks also works so you can share everything immediately with your friends. Which is more important is the fact that at Essayshark.com it is possible to pick the author of the paper personally from the list of available writers that suits your niche and academic level.

Hi guys! I’m glad that my EssayShark review title has grabbed your attention. Maybe, you wanted to find another scandalous review or some bold statements about cheating and illegal writing services. But I have to disappoint you: I wrote this review because I actually like EssayShark.


For detailed instructions, see our article on essaypro review.

Free Features - EssayShark

Things are not the same as it looks. EssayShark is not recommended in terms of great services. try Writingmyessay to get fast delivery of your work. Their assistance is best according to me. I can give revision of work like n number of times. I recommend you go with them.

https://eduguide.pro/ they are cheaper and have good writers.

Does it make sense to you? No right? Avoid them!

Some writers have extensive experience and proper education. However, there are only a few such workers, because the company pays a penny. Judging by the reviews, qualified writers quit the company in a year or two. This means that the likelihood of cooperation with a professional is extremely small.

With Essayshark.com, you will get a possibility to spend your free time on other activities. You will simply love this custom writing service for the kind of services it offers.

EssayShark.com Prices and Payment

The reviews about EssayShark.com are terrible, the foreign writers offer pretty cheap writing services. As a result of this, reduced prices also come with reduced quality of content. Sometimes they use native English writers, but this percentage is very small for such a huge platform.

Essayshark.com review

You are free to choose an expert to help you with an assignment. There are different categories and different systems of pricing. Despite the fact that it may sound confusing, the process is transparent and clear. You can plan the budget according to your needs and expectations. All the forms you will have to fill out are simple and easy to understand. You will not spend too much time getting your head around them. If you do have questions, the support team is available around the clock. they can guide you through the webs of placing an order and choosing an expert to cooperate with on your assignment.

Because of their pay to view progress system, I paid for about half of the paper, and then mentioned that the writer had gotten it wrong. I offered some guidance as to what I was looking for and the writer said he/she would make the changes.

EssayShark, I will refute all your responses here. You won’t get away with this. Also, I already sent all my evidence to PAYPAL. Everyone else who’s been scammed by EssayShark, REPORT PAYPAL. Once Paypal cuts them off, they will lose their only reliable source of payments and therefore their business.

The mistreatment are TRUE! I, too, was accused of “cancelling bids without paying the writer”. I never cancelled an order like that in the 10+ successful orders I had. When I contacted their lousy support team they said I was banned for “fraudulent actions”. So EssayShark, you said every customer receives a detailed explanation, right? Then how do you explain THIS: “Due to security reasons no details will be disclosed. Thank you in advance.” This is the response you gave after I asked for reason.

Then, writers start bidding for your order. EssayShark is a service that allows its customers to select a writer by themselves. To simplify this process, ES gives a wide range of helpful tools and information: ratings, a live chat, a free preview, customer feedback, etc. These options will help you to pick the best available writer effortlessly.

I will tell you separately about the quality of paper and service. As for the writing services, this is the worst thing I have seen in my experience. My essay was incorrectly structured, had dozens of simple errors, and did not fit the given format. Judging by the reviews of former employees, they received about $ 4 per page for an essay. To get a minimum salary, they had to work quickly, without wasting time analyzing the topic and creating an outline.

We can quickly see that they give their customers the freedom to set prices and pick writers they want to work with. They also let you know that you can give reviews about the writer you worked with. This goes a long way in ensuring that the customers feel safe and genuinely trust this writing service. But is this enough guarantee to make you trust this site?

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