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Essayshark grammer test pros & cons are easy to enumerate. The writers do deliver products to customers and usually by their deadline requirements. However, there is no quality control, very little customer service, and writing quality is a concern. Our overall EssayShark rating is “Fair-to-Poor.”

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Another issue with this model is that there was no control over the writers who bid in regards to their degrees. We wanted a writer with a master’s in political science for our paper, and none of the first batch of bidders had that. We had to go back in for bids again.

The answer to these questions is simple. The customer support department is not involved in the questions or issues that may arise in the production process. Those are to be handled between writer and customer as they communicate. There are representatives available to answer questions about the process and to assist with any technical difficulties in navigating the website. They are available by messaging only.

But for the rest of us, the grammar battle must continue. Fortunately, though, there are a few weapons we have at our defense. Surely hopefully, these resources will improve our grammar and have us living the high life; we’ll have so many eggs in our basket that we’ll never run out, even if a few of them crack.

To find an answer to “Is EssayShark legit?”, we had to check out the products and services offered first. It’s easy to find them – as soon as you land on their website, you can find information about them and the different subjects they could write for. The types of assignment EssayShark provides seems to be pretty vast.

Payment methods are secured by an SSL processor, so they are secure. When a customer places an order and accepts the bid of a writer, a company service fee is added to that price and the customer is asked to make payment at that time. The payment is released to the writer when the product is completed and delivered. We searched and did not find evidence of any legal issues regarding payments. As always, you can use PayPal to be safe if you want to avoid sharing your account information. For the most part, people felt safe using the site’s payment methods, and there were no issues.

a molestie consequat, ultrices ac magna. Fusce dui lectus, congue vel laoreet ac, dictum vitae odio. Donec aliquet. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consect always seeks qualified freelance writers with diverse areas of expertise. Our vacancies are open to professional freelance writers willing to demonstrate continuous dedication, marked responsibility, and to maintain high standards when working for the top academic assistance company on the market.

Essay Shark offers the same basic services that other best academic writing services do – essays, papers, book reviews, case studies, and other academic writing from high school forward. It also provides research and writing for graduate-level theses and dissertations.

Is the essay shark service a good option?

Can this service be trusted? We consider several things in this category – whether or not they are reliable in getting the product to the customer on time; the expectation that customer instructions will be followed; privacy and confidentiality, and security of both personal and financial information.

There is no quality control department to check pieces of writing before delivery to a customer. If a customer is unhappy, s/he must take it up with the writer. Upon finding out this information, we were filled with disappointment. Every writing service must do something to make sure the clients are not unhappy and that they receive the high-quality paper they paid for. The lack of quality control is mind-blowing because a student would end up losing his/her money and not be able to recover it, while the customer support doesn’t care. We think the staff cares more about getting money than helping their users have a good experience.

A site that I have found extremely easy to navigate and full of valuable grammar information is Best of all, you can take quizzes to ensure that you have effectively learned the discussed grammar rules.

I have been trying for 5 days. I have to make a account there and I couldn’t clear the exam.

Questo sito utilizza i cookie per fornire la migliore esperienza di navigazione possibile. Continuando a utilizzare questo sito senza modificare le impostazioni dei cookie o cliccando su “Accetta” permetti il loro utilizzo. has been in the online writing service business for 9 years, according to its site. It has a unique business model, in that, rather than the company assigning writers to specific product creation, the customer places and submits an order and then waits for bids to come in from the writers who are registered with the company. Once those bids come in, it is up to the customer to select the writer. The company really only acts as a clearinghouse for writers and people who need them. This EssayShark review will include the information that we have been able to gather from the website, Essay Shark customer reviews and comments that have been found in other places on the web, and the product we received from a student who agreed to act as our source, placed an order, and “employed” a writer.

How much do EssayShark writers make?

I have a college degree and am a teacher. You will not go wrong hiring me. I’ll have this done quickly and without any errors. I am a native speaker of English.


Whitney W creates content for both online and offline clients. She spends her days switching back and forth between the role of a content writer, mother, and wife. As she continues to progress in her career as a content creator, she continues to strive toward the goal of being able to pass any grammar test put in front of her.

I am new to freelancer and looking to gain experience on projects big or small. Happy to help. I have a BA in Communications. Feel free to reach out.

So, after an assignment EssayShark request, we were able to take a look at an actual work done by one of their writers, and we were able to assess the quality they offer overall. The research paper we received, at a college level, was not well-written, and the style was far too immature for undergraduate work. This called into question the qualifications of the writer who had bid on our work.

I would you to complete the registration of my essayshark account ,mainly the grammar test and the sample essay.

We assessed writer quality by samples on the website, samples that existed by clicking on any of the “top writers” who are featured on the “Writers” link. Overall, we find the quality quite disappointing. Many of the writings were poorly structured from a content organization perspective, and there were simply too many grammatical errors. We have no idea what EssayShark grammar test answers these people offered that allowed them to become writers on a platform like this and write such bad texts.


Website and blog are constantly being updated

On top of being completely unhelpful, it also took a while for us to get in contact with the customer service. We did send a few queries and waited to hear back from someone working for the company. In the end, someone did reach back to us, but it took days. It’s a harmful behavior because if a student is going to wait for an answer and not look for other services in the meantime, he/she is getting closer to the deadline and might miss it.

The company does have a privacy policy and guarantees that personal and financial information are heavily protected. We were able to find that the company does comply with GDPR regulations. Students can request that their information be deleted under their data privacy policies. Disclosures about cookies are available as well. There is indeed an SSL certified payment processor, so customers can feel safe using their credit cards or PayPal.

Still, EssayShark coupons would have been a very helpful thing that many students would have appreciated. Especially considering the situation many students are in with money, things would’ve been much better with promo codes. The fact that there is no Essay Shark discount code is a big disadvantage, especially when you want to order a longer assignment.

Sembra che siamo in grado di’t trovare ciò che’stai cercando. Forse la ricerca può aiutare.

We could not find an EssayShark BBB registration. However, that is not necessary to receive our endorsement.

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We were very disappointed to see that using an Essay Shark discount code was not possible. Students are already dealing with enough challenges as it is. They are drowning in piles of papers, books, and other materials for their studies, while some are also trying to handle having a job simultaneously. On top of that, if they have to purchase an essay and cannot even get a little discount for it to save some money, it will take too much cash from them. The lack of EssayShark coupons might even be a deal-breaker for some students, who would direct their attention towards other services instead.

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I know that I myself have failed one or two grammar tests during my career as a freelance writer, including the one for WritersDomain (twice). How in the world a professional and paid writer can fail a grammar test is beyond me, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only once facing this problem.

Did you go to college? If so, there’s a good chance that, as an alumni, you have access to your school’s online resources. And, most times, there will be an online writing center. I graduated from AIU Online and the resources they provide me with are phenomenal. My hours completed at AIU can be transferred to WKU, which is where I plan to earn my BA, but I know I will continue to access AIU’s writing center because it has taught me so much. If you haven’t checked out your college’s writing center, you should definitely do so.

EssayShark is an academic writing service that does have its advantages, but at the end of the day, they are not strong enough to overshadow the existing problems with the service. Essay Shark may not be the worst essay writing service we have ever worked with, but it doesn’t offer enough unique benefits to the customers for us to recommend it.

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Orders are placed by providing an email address and then the details of the order. Once submitted, the bidding process begins.

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You want to know if this is a reliable service. Keep reading to find out!

Payment in advance is not needed is a writing service that has been around for about 9 years. It considers itself somewhat unique because it operates more as a clearinghouse for writers who sign up to bid on orders. Each writer has a profile, and once a customer places an order, it is sent out for bids. The writers then contact the customer with their profiles and bids. Once the customer selects a writer, the company takes its cut of the price the customer pays the writer. Our EssayShark review will follow the same criteria that we have established for all of our other writing service reviews, even though its business model is a bit different than most. The criteria are listed in the sub-headings below. We have used the following types of information to prepare this review:

Off-site reviews are not integrated, on-site ones are rather generic

Get paid for your work

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Textbroker University

A bidding system may not be convenient for every customer

content essayshark top writers

Essayshark Plagiarism In one of the papers we received from their writers, 15% of the content was plagiarized.

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A proposal has not yet been provided

Where are you located and where is my writer from? The company is based in Cyprus. At, we hire writers from all over the world, both from English-speaking and non-English speaking countries.

We considered several factors in this area of review – on-site testimonials on individual writers’ profiles, an evaluation of the sample essays and papers that are published on the site, the feedback that customers have provided on social media and other online resources, and our own experience of going through the process from exploring the order process, to receiving bids, to evaluating writers, and ultimately receiving a final product. Here is what we can report:

The reason for it is that in case your writer doesn’t complete your order, you will get back what remains unpaid. Read for unfinished part. So, we have to mention in this essayshark review that there is no way to get a full refund.

On-site EssayShark testimonials are all quite complimentary. That is to be expected, and why we explore multiple sources when we research writing services. When we read the feedback and comments elsewhere on the web, there were a number of concerns expressed, to include missed deadlines and instructions not followed. The tone and sentiment of these reviews were certainly different than the on-site testimonials.

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