Edubirdie.Com scam

Edubirdie.Com scam

Payment methods here are standard. PayPal is an acceptable method of making secured payments. Every indication is that is safe to make a purchase.

Step 3: Writers and Support

As part of this review, we sought out, and read policy pages. We were particularly attentive to information about data privacy. We were pleased to see that these policies were clear and easy to understand. However, there was no mention of GDPR compliance that we were able to found.

edu birdie price

Our paper was the ultimate $134.00 for a paper of 8-pages at the college level. And a new policy will allow a customer to order a piece through the company itself, at $9.99/page. This is quite low, and we wonder about the quality of those writers. prices are not set. They are based upon what the writer and customer agree upon. Because of this, there is no EduBirdie discount for new customers, no EduBirdie coupon codes for special pricing events, and no promo code for loyalty discounts. Customers are free to negotiate pricing with individual writers and may be able to get a reduction.

When placing an order, allows you to enter as much information as needed and you can choose what type of writing service is desired. You also have the ability to select a page count, deadline, and add any specific instructions that may be needed. The entire ordering process is very simple, allowing you to quickly place orders to have them completed by competent and talented writers.

Don’t believe me? Go to their website…post a fake paper (You don’t have to pay anything) and watch all the bids pop up from all of these “Experts.” All these Doctors and Finance majors begging you in broken English to write your paper.

Since there are no fixed prices, the overall cost of a paper will vary. Prices start at just $13.99 per page and will increase as more pages are required. You will also find that prices will be higher for deadlines that are closer or for higher-level writers.

In the end, it all comes down to which bid you will choose, and whether you can bargain a better price with a bidder.

Before placing an order on EduBirdie, I initially went online to see what other customers have to say about this essay writing services. I checked out some review of What I discovered was that most reviews were highly positive and it seemed like they were indeed written by students who used the essay writing service.

Does EduBirdie work as promised?

You can also choose to upload files when placing an order or you can upload them at a later time as you communicate with your assigned writer. With many great features, this writing service ensures you can place a quick order while providing all necessary details to ensure the paper meets certain requirements.


Below is a review about my personal experience of using EduBirdie service.

I believe that this platform is quite innovative, as it enables students to get help quickly and efficiently. Innovative part is that you get to choose a writer to work with instead of being matched with one automatically.

I want to try Has anyone used this service? Could you plz share your rieviews about it? I will be very grateful.

On first sight, the list of services provided is very limited, until the point when you see the option ‘other’. This is not strange at all, since most bidding services offer the opportunity to order any paper you need, and wait for writers to bid on it.

There is far little information about writers on the site. Our biggest concern is that there does not appear to be any company quality control regarding writer backgrounds and credentials. To register as a writer, one need only create a profile and begin. Customers have to rely solely on what writers say about themselves.

At, you get what you pay for and the service is dedicated to only hiring the best writers that can meet your needs. The services here are slightly more expensive than with other services, but it does offer a guarantee of original work and complete satisfaction.

EduBirdie does have a secure payment process in place. They accept standard forms of payment. We are not aware of any breaches or legal issues relating to payments or data security.

Step 5: Additional Features and Discounts

My experience with them has been a nightmare, please avoid EduBirdie at all costs! You will notice this from the very beginning when you access the site; it’s a money-thirsty bot you are talking to, not a human. You type a different question and you get the previous answer again and again. I have received an essay that was off-topic, in really bad English. Their writing quality is very poor, most probably the writer wasn’t a native English speaker. Even if well written, the price is way too high. At the end I had to forget about the essay they had provided, (they provide image files so you cannot copy and paste and make any amends or notes of your own) and write everything from scratch on my own. I have asked for a refund, but I didn’t get any as they claim that they would have given me the refund if I had asked for it within 3 days After all, it’s just not worth gambling with your grades, is it?

edu birdie service

If you have a technical problem and you need to get in touch with their customer support – their specialists will be there for you. From what I read online & from my own experience, customer support on the website is quite polite, they are willing to answer all sorts of questions and simply see to you being satisfied. Their specialists solve a variety of technical problems associated with the operation of the site or an execution of your order.

As in the case of any other company that works on the same principle, does not have set prices or discounts of any kind. The only price mentioned on the website is the minimum rate of $18 per page, which unfortunately means that this company is an expensive one.

For students who want to take total control of the process of getting a writer, EduBirdie may be a good choice. The caution here is that there needs to be a good deal of conversations between a customer and a potential writer before a selection is made, to be sure that the writer selected is going to meet your needs and has the experience you want. Students may also wish to place their orders soon enough that they have time to do some additional editing and proofreading. the paper they receive may require some polishing before it is ready to be turned in. Overall, our rating is “Good.”

Unfortunately, this does not mean that writers will bid on the paper, or if they do, that you will find one with the necessary qualifications and experience. Even so, in my experience, there were many bidders to the order I made, and I found no complaints about ‘no bids at all’ in any of the comments online.

I don’t have a review of Edubirdie but has got native English speakers and is cheaper

Can professors know you’ve been ordering papers from EduBirdie com? It doesn’t seem to be the case. The piece I got had no traces of plagiarism, which means that it wouldn’t be flagged by Turnitin. I am not sure, however, how good the service is at preserving the customer’s privacy. The recent YouTube fiasco makes one question: Is EduBirdie safe? It is reasonable to assume that if Edu Birdie can get so much bad press, one can get caught using its help.

Some of the writers appear to be ESL, but this can be discovered during the conversation. It is up to the customer to determine whether or not they believe and ESL will be able to provide reliable writing quality.

General Impressions

Is legit? Well, I am very much satisfied with the service overall. Job was carried out qualitatively and on time, thus I did not have any trouble meeting my deadline. I must say that I myself could not have done it due to the lack of time.

is edubirdie safe

Unfortunately, this meant a lot of time spent on checking writers’ portfolios, in order to pick the best candidate for the order. Even so, I still did not get the high quality we expected from the best writer who bid on our order. The term paper was not in a suitable writing style for the academic level I selected, and contained some plagiarism.

They have a brutal Eastern European/Asian working environment. They motivate with threats and fines. There is zero honesty or integrity involved. I suppose it’s part and parcel though as the whole thing is a dirt-bag business.

Edu Birdie ratings, based upon a number of former customer comments and our own experience is decidedly “Fair.” The company needs to beef up its quality control and take a larger role in verifying writer backgrounds and credentials before allowing them to register on its site.

Insider facts:
*Writers are paid approx 15-25% of the price you are charged.
*If you leave a tip, the company poaches a cut of it.
*If a client asks to cancel because they realized someone who uses 20th century English from Kenya wrote you paper, the original writer is screwed, they get nothing and they are fined. The paper is then sent to another writer for 1/4 of the price the original writer was getting. (Guaranteed a shitty rewrite, most likely far worse than the original.)
*The people that collect the profits are Ukranian, they have an army of staff from Manila to run everything. The company name is Boosta, or Plan B Services.
*All papers are scanned for plagiarism, but are only flagged if they are over 50% copy and pasted.
*They allow writers to put “Professor” and “PhD” in their screen names. There is NOT A SINGLE PhD or Masters Degree from a US or UK University on this website. (Why would anyone with those credentials deal with rude overlords from Asia who work tirelessly to abuse and steal from them?)

As we already stated, there are no company discounts. In terms of additional benefits, again, these have to be negotiated with the bidding writers. We got a free title and bibliography page.

Prices and Discounts

The site does have some other content that may be of benefit to students, specifically articles that relate to research and writing and tips for students. Several articles on the blog relate to formatting styles, but may not be of much benefit. Students generally use a digital citation formatting these days. Still, the pieces are informative and do a thorough job of explaining how these things work.

This company won’t deliver an essay or any other academic writing to you. They don’t screen their writers, so you end up with a low-quality paper. I was cheated by this team and want to warn everyone: never ever place an order on Edubirdie.

Part of our Edu Birdie review was to check the types of products and services that are offered. While most customers seem to be students, there are also other writing products and services offered – business writing, resumes and CV’s, web-based copywriting, and editing. Whatever a customer may want, there will be bidders on that order. Academic writing services included standard writing projects which included essays, research papers, and admissions essays. Thesis and dissertation assistance is available.

Let’s kick things off with prices review. How much do you pay on EduBirdie com? The curious thing is that the company doesn’t want you to know. EduBirdie price of avg essay is nowhere to be seen on the website. To get insight into the company’s pricing options, one has to place an order, which is a neat way of luring the unsuspecting customers in. Then, the company’s bidding system kicks in. Several writers bid on my paper. One decided to charge as much as $155.10 for a 4-page capstone paper. The help of other available writers was cheaper than that of the first one – $97.90, $110, $105.60, $111.10, and $99. I opted for the most reasonable offer – $97.90 – which was still prohibitively expensive. $24.5 per page of writing does not seem like a price that can be afforded by an average student. Clearly, EduBirdie is a ritzy service for trust-fund babies. There is no surprise, then, that the company has enough capital for costly YouTube promotion. It gets its money back by overcharging students. If you are planning on using the company’s services, look for discount codes or coupon to get a better deal. Also, before making a payment, familiarize yourself with EduBirdie refund policy.

There are a few of us that are actually from the United States, we can make up to $12 per page. It’s not uncommon for me to get a client that is paying $80 per page (I get 12).

A starting rate of $18 is a steep price for academic content within a longer deadline, and the lack of any kinds of discounts here is a huge disadvantage. Since the company allows writers to bid and customers to choose, there is not really opportunities for loyalty programs and newcomers’ discounts.

EduBirdie and similar writing agencies are extraordinarily good at attracting customers. However, when it comes to retaining clients, they fare poorly. Why? Because customers are motivated by prices and quality. If both are unsatisfactory, they leave. I, for one, would never return to the company again. Given the agency’s numerous downsides, it is rated at 3.5 out of 5. To sum up, good quality help is rare; substandard websites like EduBirdie are everywhere. Be cautious!

Therefore, it is safe to say that this company has many writers with various backgrounds and level of experience. Still, the question of whether they are a good fit for your specific requirements remains.

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