Top 100 Essay Hook Examples

What is an essay hook?

When you want to inspire or intimidate your readers, you will use a hook.

A hook is the opening sentence of your paragraph. The average length of a hook is between 3-7 sentences. However, it all depends on the topic.

Your readers will be convinced that your essay is worth reading by the hook.  Some writers even allow the hook to be extended to multiple pages.

However, it is best to keep it as a single sentence or paragraph.

The hook is not meant to replace an essay introduction. It serves as an opening line in an introduction.

The thesis statement and hook are two of the most important components of the introduction to an essay.

A Good Hook for an Essay

These steps will help you create a hook for your essay.

  • Understanding the literary work
  • Make an outline
  • Know your audience
  • Know what your writing intent is

Let us go over each detail.

Understanding the Literary Work

Keep in mind the purpose of your essay. You’ll need to describe the supporting arguments for the essay type you are writing.

Make an Outline

Make a plan to organize your information. Highlight the most important points.

Know Your Audience

Decide how you will develop your work, and identify your target audience. If you’re addressing children, use simple language. If you are addressing professionals, use the appropriate language.

Know your Writing Intent

The hook you choose should be relevant to your essay. You should know the purpose of the paper you are writing. Your hook should be humorous if you choose an interesting topic for your essay.

If you are preparing to present a paper at a conference, use a standard hook.

A good hook for essays is essential

  1. When done right, it heats your reader’s interest, and they end up reading the entire essay.
  2. The right hook will showcase your knowledge and skills.
  3. Because it appeals to the target audience, only the intended readers will read your content.
  4. Your use of interesting questions to maintain tension will make the reader want to find out more.
  5. A strong essay hook provides a great introduction to your essay.

There are many types of hook sentences

Different hooks are available for different types of papers like essays and research papers.

  • Anecdote
  • My personal story
  • Simile/Metaphor
  • Description
  • Statistics
  • Get Quotes
  • Question
  • Poetry quotes
  • Common misconception
  • Scenes
  • Thesis Statement

1.     Ask Hook

When you want to grab your audience’s attention, you can ask an intriguing question that they have an interest in answering.

Examples of question hooks include:

  1. What would life be like if our lives were dominated by chronic joint pain?
  2. Are your daily activities preventing you from realizing your lifelong ambitions?
  3. How much sugar can you eat in a single day?
  4. Did you know that clinical depression is more common in women than it is in men?
  5. Are there jobs that require you have a college education more lucrative than those that require skilled trades?
  6. Online learning offers a better alternative for K-12 education.
  7. What if commercially prepared food were not available for a long time? Would your family still be able to eat enough?
  8. In this year’s elections, will we experience a record-breaking voter turnout?
  9. YouTubers should use Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  10. How much TV watching is too much for school-going children?
  11. What would make the difference between being successful and being unsuccessful?
  12. What is love?
  13. How would you define kindness?
  14. What are you living for?
  15. What is it that motivates you to get up each morning to go to work?

Before you ask the question, think about the things the reader is most interested in.

Don’t make the questions yes or no or generalize. Tailor them to fit your reader’s needs. Making use of rhetoric is always an excellent way to grab the reader’s attention.

2.     Anecdote

Our lives are full of funny, strange, and interesting events. These stories will surely grab the attention of your readers.

Anecdotes can be a story you’ve written or something you imagine. Make sure the story is relevant to your essay topic.

Examples of an anecdote Hook:

  1. Harriet, my cousin went clubbing last night wearing red lipstick all over the teeth. I didn’t feel anything about not telling her until everyone started laughing…
  2. As a child, my cat became my best friend. She was the reason my childhood was so exciting.
  3. It brings back memories of a wild night with my best friend. Before Sandy took him to his knees, he was swept off his feet.
  4. I was a vampire last Halloween – it was the real deal.
  5. Is it a pink rose? Wow! They are my favorite. My great grandfather owned a large rose garden that contained over 300 species. He would take many of the roses and give them to my grandmother every Wednesday. Is it possible to have this kind of love anymore?
  6. Paris is my favorite city! This year, I visited France six times. Have you ever seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris? It’s the most iconic attraction in Paris.
  7. Once I owned a Chihuahua. Every morning, she would come running to me and grab the newspaper.
  8. Students who have been successful in college write stories that tell the story of their favorite Christmas holiday.
  9. A mother tells her children about a childhood vacation she enjoyed.
  10. In an interview about visiting amusement parks, a child discusses their Disney Land experience.
  11. A cautionary tale is included at the beginning of any essay on fire safety. It describes a severe injury caused by failure to follow protocol.
  12. During the Christmas morning breakfast, children and parents talk about the Christmas holidays they’ve enjoyed together.

Anecdotes should make the reader laugh, and increase their interest in your essay.

3.     Get Quotes

Quotes from famous people can be used to illustrate the relevance of your essay topic. Ensure you elaborate the quote for the reader’s understanding.

4.     Statistics

If you are trying to give information to your reader, a statistical hook will work. These facts can be used in process essays or informative essays.

Statistics facts can also be quotes from famous people. However, in this instance, they represent a percentage, number or figure.

5.     Personal Story

A short personal story is a great way to begin an essay for college or a narrative essay.

You could have experienced it yourself or through a family member. It doesn’t have to be something you have experienced firsthand.

6.     Description Hook

When writing your essay, you will want to get the reader’s attention.  The description hook is a way to draw the reader’s attention to a particular scene and encourage them to keep reading.

It is used most often in narrative essays, but can be combined with other types.

7.     Simile/Metaphor Hook

Your readers will be able to see a topic in a simile/metaphor in a new way. A metaphor allows you to make a comparison between unrelated things.

One example is:

“I have a five-year-old baby – my fashion business founded in 2017.”

8.     Literary Quotes

Literature quotes work best when used in book reviews. These quotes may not be suitable for persuasive or expository essays.

A literary example:

You can use literary quotes in a compare & contrast essay in the works of William Shakespeare: “Less than kind and a little more kin” (Hamlet, Act 2, and Scene 2)

9.     Common Misconception

This shows that your reader may be wrong about what they believe. Make a connection to your thesis statement. This hook example will cause the reader to ponder more as it aims to create a disturbance.


“Fortune cookies aren’t Chinese,” “The Buddha wasn’t fat.”

Use this hook to illustrate that sometimes things do not always seem as they appear. They are ideal for explanation essays or reflection.

10.  Scenes

People can process visual information efficiently and easily remember it.  Humans can quickly turn words into pictures. In most cases, scenes are used in narrative and descriptive essays.


“Imagine sitting by the fire sipping some wine with the love of your life by your side.”

11.  Statement by Thesis

An alternative way to start your introduction is to directly address the main statement. You don’t need to put a lot into just a couple of sentences.

Essay Hook Examples

Here are some examples of essay hooks that can be used to write different types of essays.

1.     Argumentative Essay Hook Examples

An argumentative essay’s opening paragraph should look similar to a trial. Argumentative essays should make a persuasive argument and be logical. This happens after you have provided background information. A lawyer starts by presenting an issue.

You can use the following excellent statistical hook to argue that all public places should become no-smoking zones due to the adverse effects of smoking:

“According to the World Health Organization, tobacco consumption kills more than 5 million people yearly. This makes the death rate more than would be from Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and TB combined.”

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2.     Persuasive Essay Hook Examples

A persuasive essay convinces the reader to do something or change their mind.

This essay’s hook sentence will pique the curiosity of the reader. It may contain a shocking revelation, or simply a statement of statistics.

For example, you could write about climate change’s seriousness and global threat. Your essay should begin with facts about the atmosphere.

“On average each year, the human population emits approximately 39.2 billion tons in carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide levels have increased significantly more than they were in previous centuries. You are highly mistaken if you think there’s no need to worry about climate change.”

3.     Narrative Hook Examples

Narrative essays are more like stories. This allows you to tell your story in the way that you choose. This is different from other essays that require you to pick a side and argue.

“I am not sure whether it is just something that became solid over time or it is a real memory. I can’t tell whether at one point my neighbor tried to murder me.”

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4.     Examples of Hooks in Speeches

Also, you might want to look at speech attention grabbers

5.     Hooks as Literature

How to choose a good hook

Perhaps you’re wondering how to choose the best hook for your essay. There is no formula for choosing the best hook to use in your essay.

When choosing your hook, keep these things in mind:

  • The type of essay
  • Your audience

It is important to know your audience and the type or essay that you want to write before choosing the hook.

It is important to choose the right hook for your essay. Boots stromectol

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