How Much Do Resume (CV) Professional Writing Services Cost in 2022?

An experienced resume-writing professional or writing service can help you get the job you want. According to some studies, a professionally-written resume will get your resume noticed more often which can lead to a higher starting salary. Looking online for resume writers will quickly reveal that the cost of a new resume can cost as little as $50 to $1,000. What is the cost? should the cost of professional services for resumes?

It’s a simple question: it’s contingent on the stage of your career and what position you’re aiming for. For the typical job seeker, a cost of $200 is enough for a good resume.

The price of professional resume writing services can vary depending on the resume writers’ profession and experience, their years of experience, certificates, and what kind of services they provide along with resume writing. This article will provide a breakdown of the actual cost to help you make the best decision for your requirements.

Writing services for resumes cost money

Below $100

The price of resumes under $100 are not recommended. It’s a challenge to find someone who can write a high-quality resume for this cost. The cheapest companies that provide help with resume writing online usually hire low-quality or unexperienced writers. They place emphasis on quantity over quality. According to reports, certain websites have outsourced resume writing to companies in other countries that can produce confusion and poor quality products.

If you spend less than $100, it’s typically a waste of money. Avoid the common mistakes and follow the best guidelines for the writing of your resume.

If you’re not sure you have the funds on a professional resume then you’re better off writing it yourself with the help of guides and other trustworthy sources.

Between $100 to $400

This is the amount you should be expecting to spend for an experienced resume writer. The price is enough to hire a professional to revise and improve your resume.

Students who are only finishing their degree or have limited experience could be able to live by paying between $100 and $150, whereas those with experience should be prepared to pay $150-$400.

Prices ranging from $400 to $1000.

The rates are imposed by numerous firms, but are they actually worth it?

The answer is usually not always.


A resume written by an experienced writer will take only several hours editing and writing. A resume writer with the experience and know-how is worth between $100 and $400 isn’t excessively expensive.

Although it’s not typical for job seekers, you could spend higher than $400 in certain instances. Professional resume services which concentrate specifically on top-level leadership with a high-level position (CEO/President) can cost an extra amount.

The services are more time-consuming and require additional information gathering sessions or calling, as well as are typically done by top resume writers. Many Executive resume writing professionals are insured by reputable industry associations like PARWCC or NRWA. You’re paying for the time of an executive resume writer as well as the benefit of their credentials, and their many years of expertise.

Additional services like creating resumes LinkedIn profile, interviews guidance or coaching are typically offered in the executive resume assistance. These extras can be purchased at a cost however, this article will concentrate on the costs associated with executive resume services. Resume will cost.

Anything over $1000 is a bit too much to be an application.

Three suggestions to select a resume-writing service

We’ve written a helpful article here on how to pick the best resume writing service. Here is a short summary:

1. Do your research

Be sure to conduct your research prior to making an important decision. Third-party review websites can be a good option to study and read what other customers have to say about. It is also important to determine if they have live chat option or a telephone number. If there isn’t a method to get in touch with the writer or the company is a sure sign you’re dealing with service that isn’t of the highest quality or has been outsourced.

Our team looked more than 200 resume writing services and came up with two sets of recommendations.

  1. Best Resume Writing Services
  2. The Best Service Executive Services

2. How do you communicate with your resume’s author

What do you want to discuss to your author in a manner that is comfortable and enjoyable for you both?

In order to collaborate on a professional resume, you must discuss with the writer your work history and skills, as well as your qualifications and the kind of job you’re aiming for. If the goal is just making your resume available and the type of job that you are seeking, you’ll likely get an unsatisfactory resume that isn’t in line with the goals you have set.

Different resume writing firms offer different ways to communicate. A lot of resume writers communicate via texts or email while others make video or phone calls.

Check that your preferences are provided by the product you’re looking at before you purchase!

3. Collaboration is feasible

Your writer is only able to use the information you provide them. Many people believe they are able to submit an old resume and let the writer take care of the rest.

Remember that the resume writer will require all the details you are able to give. A professional resume writer will be asking for specifics about the things you’ve done and where you’re going therefore be prepared to respond to any questions.


There are a variety of prices to write a resume. If you want a professional resume, you should expect to spend around $200 . A poor resume is typically an unnecessary expense and a well-written resume won’t take up your entire savings account. In the event that you do not have enough money to invest then you should write it yourself. Find out more about an honest company.

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