Crafting an Effective Cover Letter for WFP: A Comprehensive Guide

Writing an Effective Cover Letter for WFP


Writing a cover letter for the World Food Programme (WFP) can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, you can create a compelling document that will help you stand out from the competition. In this article, we will guide you through the process of crafting an effective cover letter that will increase your chances of landing a position with WFP.

Step 1: Research and Understand WFP

Before you start writing your cover letter, it is crucial to research and understand the mission, values, and goals of the World Food Programme. This will help you tailor your letter to align with their objectives and showcase your genuine interest in their work.

Step 2: Format Your Cover Letter

A well-structured cover letter is essential to grab the attention of the hiring manager. Follow these guidelines to format your cover letter effectively:



Include your name, address, phone number, and email address at the top of your cover letter. Make sure to use a professional and easily readable font.



Address the hiring manager by their name if possible. If you are unsure, use a generic salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager.”



Begin your letter with a strong opening paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention. Mention the position you are applying for and briefly explain why you are interested in working for WFP.



Use the body of your cover letter to highlight your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements. Provide specific examples of how your skills align with the requirements of the position.



Conclude your cover letter by expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to WFP’s mission. Thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration.



End your cover letter with a professional closing, such as “Sincerely,” followed by your full name and contact information.

Step 3: Customize Your Content

To make your cover letter stand out, tailor the content to match the specific requirements of the position you are applying for. Highlight relevant experiences, skills, and achievements that demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Step 4: Proofread and Edit

Before submitting your cover letter, ensure that it is free from any grammatical or spelling errors. Proofread it carefully and consider seeking feedback from a trusted friend or mentor. A well-written and error-free cover letter will make a positive impression on the hiring manager.


Q: What should I include in my cover letter for WFP?

A: Your cover letter should include a brief introduction, relevant skills and experiences, and a closing statement expressing your enthusiasm for working with WFP.

Q: How long should my cover letter be?

A: Ideally, your cover letter should be one page long. Keep it concise and focused on highlighting your most relevant qualifications.

Q: Is it necessary to address the hiring manager by name in the cover letter?

A: While it is preferable to address the hiring manager by name, if you are unable to find this information, a generic salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager” will suffice.

Q: Can I use a template for my cover letter?

A: Using a template as a starting point is acceptable, but make sure to personalize it and tailor it to the specific requirements of the position you are applying for.

Q: Which font should I use for my cover letter?

A: Stick to professional and easily readable fonts such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman. Avoid using fancy or decorative fonts that may distract the reader.

Q: Why is it important to proofread my cover letter?

A: Proofreading your cover letter is crucial to ensure it is error-free and presents you as a detail-oriented candidate. Grammatical or spelling mistakes can create a negative impression on the hiring manager.

Remember, your cover letter is your opportunity to showcase your skills, experiences, and passion for working with WFP. By following these steps and customizing your content, you will increase your chances of catching the attention of the hiring manager and securing an interview. Good luck with your application!